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We will be installing ABG pools this summer to keep the guys busy. We will also offer a few models that I feel are up our standards. A round ABG pool is basicely a can and the water holds it up. So its the liner that's really important. In my experience for the best pool go Doughboy, then Canadian and then an Asian import.

Liners-that's a tough subject. Always buy a liner in mil not gauge. "You get what you pay for!"   

 example- a typical ABG 20 gauge liner will come in a box you can pick up with one hand. A Doughboy or inground 20 mil will take both hands or a dolly. Just because its an ABG does not mean you can't use a custom fit liner. Use aluminum bead receiver and a beaded liner so you can change liner down the road with taking the pool apart. Some really cheap ABG liners start at 13-14 mil.

If your pool is deep get a custom fit liner. They don't cost that much more and will last longer.

Please call for more info or any questions.


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