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When putting in a new liner we can also add custom steel steps or decks. Adding stools and tables is easy.  Almost anything is possible .

Adding an auto cover is easy!   www.automaticswimmingpoolcoverparts.com or just call Tom at 262-770-0668

We feel that 20 mil is fine most pools. A 27 is 30% higher in cost and harder to install. A thicker liner can also lead to problems when the water chemistry gets out of whack.

Liners today can be how ever you like. Tile borders, no border, or even all tex tread.

Real windy this day-leaves were every where.


Full width stairs for easy entrance and seating.

Custom liners are a specialty at Clear Water Pools.

20x44 with steel steps and sundeck.
They said it could not be done. Liner in concrete pool-Geneva Towers. 3 skimmers and 11 returns with steps.
We can do what ever the customer wants.

Here a customer did not like the shape of her pool bottom so we used compacted sand to reshape the pool and then put in a new liner.
Complete redo, new concrete, skimmers, coping and liner.
20x40 L shaped pool in Union Grove.
Your standard 18x36 pool.
Dekovan Center in Racine. Tiles cleaned, whole pool regrouted and floor painted.
This pool was so bad the walls had holes. Matted complete pool and painted.
Boys and Girls club pool in Kenosha county. 30x60 concrete pool we matted and epoxy coated.
Patios and retaining walls also.
Custom spa in a glass room. Located on Fox River, IL.
First coat of epoxy.
First coat of color.
All plumbing done. Spa has LED lites, remote control and gas heater.
Finishing up spa floor and rock waterfall.
Font in Waterford.
Church font west of Madison, WI.
Font west of madison.
If your pool looks like this-its time to call us.